Step6. Transaction

Buyers _ On-chain Transaction Approval

  • Upon receiving the server-side sign(Market Sign), final on-chain transaction approval is possible.

  • Buyers must complete the signing of the transaction in a time equal to the permission block + interval block.

  • After the signing, buyer can see the result of the transaction. Example: Since the interval block consists of 10 blocks(approximately 2 to 3 minutes long), if the server-side verification was completed at block 9,213,951, a buyer can submit his/her signature until the block reaches 9,213,961(= 9,213,951 + 10).

Interval Block? A tradeable interval for re-verifying occurrences such as order cancellations or changes in NFT ownership after server-side verification (currently set to 10 blocks).


  • Case 1. Enough blocks left for transaction.

  • Case 2. Few blocks left for transaction. A warning message appears, and if you underpay for gas, the transaction is indexed slowly, potentially causing the transaction to fail.

  • Case 3. No blocks left for transaction. With no blocks left for approval, submitting a signature doesn't close the transaction and only wastes gas.

The marketplace can't arbitrarily cancel one's transaction, so you can still approve the transaction even if there are few or no blocks left.

However, this may result in a failed transaction, and if you still approve the transaction despite this warning message, you will not be refunded the gas fees incurred.

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