Owner Interface

Marketplace Contract Owner Functions

Exchange-related functions that pertain to the marketplace's policies, reinforced with the "onlyOwner" modifier from Ownable to enhance security.


function setFeeAddress(address feeAddress_) external onlyOwner

Setting the transaction fee account


function setServerSideAddress(address platformCheckAddress_) external onlyOwner

Verification is conducted in the Server Side, setting the account address.


function setFeeYn(bool feeYn_) external onlyOwner

Setting the presence of marketplace fees


function setFeeRate(uint256 feeRate_) external onlyOwner

Setting the fee percentage to be applied when FeeYn is set to true


function serverSideCheckView(
        Order memory buy,
        Sig memory buySig,
        Order memory sell,
        Sig memory sellSig
    ) public view returns(bytes32 platformCheckHash, bytes memory encodeP, uint256 permitBlock)

Returning data for Market Sign verification, including seller orders and signatures, as well as buyer orders and signatures.


function setRevoke() external onlyOwner

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