NFT Marketplace specialized in bundle trading

  • ByBundle is a marketplace designed for efficient trading of multiple NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens). The current payment currency for trading NFTs is Ethereum, and the NFTs that can be listed in bundles adhere to the ERC721 standard. ** In the future, more ERC20-based tokens will be added as payment currencies, and more NFT standards such as ERC1155 will be gradually added too.

  • ByBundle's trading method is a non-custodial peer-to-peer (P2P) transaction facilitated through individual wallets.

  • To prevent scams and keep users' assets safe, only NFTs supported by ByBundle can be listed and traded. ** You can see which collections are tradable at 'Supported Collection List', and the list of supported collections will be continually updated. (You will see those updates on our website and official Twitter)

  • Trading multiple NFTs by the bundle on ByBundle is cheaper on gas than trading multiple NFTs one by one on other marketplaces. ** You can bundle and trade up to 9 NFTs at once and save up to 50% on gas fees.

  • By applying the Market Sign system, ByBundle enables users to proactively prevent potential losses in P2P transactions

  • In ByBundle, unlike other markets that don't apply the Market Sign system, there are no gas fees charged for 'order modifications' and 'order cancellations'. ** For detailed information about the Market Sign system, please refer to the Solution 2. Market Sign System page.

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